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Knitted Mice 

Each mouse is hand knitted which makes each one unique even though they may be from the same pattern.  Standing approximately 6.5 to 7 inches tall each one has its own character and can be in the form of a priest, strongman, morrisman or even a jester.

Lego Heart Keyrings 

These keyrings are perfect to share with a partner or loved one. The keyring comes in the shape of a heart and when separated each has its own lobster keyring clip allowing both partners in the relationship being able to keep one.  When joined back together they form the shape of a heart. These are made with original Lego® parts and come in a variety of colours.

Knitted Bonfire Mice

Each mouse is hand knitted with white trousers, a striped jumper coloured to the relevant society and each is carrying the banner of the society.

Knitted Characters

Moving on from mice you will find all manner of characters here including Frogs, Rabbits and Cats.  More info to follow.

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